Verisure e UnaBiz

Verisure is leader in Europe in protecting small businesses and people in their homes , with over 5 million customers. Over its more than 30-year history, Verisure has introduced the most revolutionary innovations to the alarm system market, which have since become standards for the industry and sector. With a commitment to excellence in customer service, the company operates the largest and most modern Alarm Reception Center in Europe, handling over 300 million telematic signals per day.
Verisure has approached the development of IoT devices thanks also to a solid partnership with Sigfox to offer its customers a safe and always effective protection, and anti jamming capabilities.

The aim of Verisure

Over the years, the company has created various anti-theft products, continuously improving their technical aspects and aiming to enhance their “human aspects”.
“Starting from the assumption that our customers are not technology experts, it was important to make them understand the value of our proposal, without getting into technicalities and making them perceive the concrete advantages that 0G technology could bring them” explained Angel Ybanez, of the strategy and business development director of Verisure.

EIT Smart e Verisure per la sicurezza dei sistemi di allarme

The jamming

GSM-based radio communication based, used by most alarm systems, is considered the element of main vulnerability of a wireless security system since it can be easily jammed with (illegal )network jamming devices . With the interruption of radio communication, alarm systems are no longer able to resist possible intrusion attempts. As a result, a building or home can be left unprotected and vulnerable.
To ensure strong home security in the event of jamming, Verisure has adopted LPWA connectivity and chosen Sigfox as a partner, ensuring the security of its customers’ homes anywhere in the world.

UnaBiz partners with Verisure for intelligent backup of security alarms

Verisure, parter of UnaBiz, integrates the Sigfox 0G network into its security system as a backup of the GSM network in case of outages and jamming attacks.
When interference or disturbance is detected, the control panel sends an alert via the Sigfox 0G network, which due to its intrinsic characteristics is particularly resistant to jamming, to the Verisure central command station.
This solution offers 100% protection against radio interference. Customers can rest assured that their alarms will sound, even if their telephone networks are down.